Welcome to ‘One to Try’

One encouraging aspect of the pandemic and its lockdowns was the number of breweries of all sizes which showed their resourcefulness by, for the first time, producing bottled and canned beers. This is what the trade calls ‘small pack’ products. In recognition of this, CAMRA is revamping its Real Ale in a Bottle accreditation scheme to give it a wider scope. It will now be called One to Try and will cover beers that CAMRA regards as ‘live’, in that they continue to condition in their final container.

Brewers are being invited to nominate their beers for inclusion in the scheme via a self-certification process. There will be no costs involved. Consumers will be able to access a register of all beers, along with information on the subject, including beer styles and the processes involved in producing beer in bottles and cans.

Gillian Hough, CAMRA’s Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Director explained, “Live beer in all its formats is a varied and delightful product. One to Try aims to make exploring live beer styles in bottles or cans easier for everyone. When CAMRA was founded, there were only five real ales available in so-called ‘small pack’ but bottle and can conditioned beers have come a long way since then.

Today, there are hundreds of bottled and canned live beers for consumers to enjoy and we want to support and celebrate the brewers who make them. Look out for the One to Try logo, enjoy these fresh, living products and find some new favourites while supporting UK breweries!”

Justin Hawke, owner and head brewer at Moor Beer, who were the first brewery to have a CAMRA accredited can-conditioned beer, added, “I’ve been a CAMRA member and volunteer for 25 years and moved to Britain for my love of real ale and pubs. Everything we brew is 100% naturally conditioned, and it is still one of my personal and professional life achievements to have been the first to be accredited for brewing real ale in a can. It’s a real point of difference achieved through an incredible amount of extra cost and work, but we firmly believe that you taste the difference with our live beer.”

Further information, including how brewers can join the scheme, can be found at camra.org.uk/ott.