Tribute – Ian Hornsey

Ian, who passed away in April, is probably best known to London CAMRA members as one of the co-founders of the Nethergate Brewery. Many branch and beer festival outings found their way to the converted agricultural machinery workshop in Clare, Suffolk, where they enjoyed Ian’s unique hospitality. Ian was the head of microbiology at Anglia Ruskin University until, in 1986, he decided to move into brewing. He co-founded Nethergate Brewery alongside business partner Dick Burge. With Ian as head brewer, Nethergate quickly became famous for its distinctive beers, including Old Growler porter and the coriander infused Umbel Ale and Umbel Magna. In 1999 Ian left day-to-day brewing because of ill health and also to concentrate on writing.

His best known books are A History of Beer and Brewing, covering the development of beer and similar drinks going back to ancient times and Alcohol and its Role in the Evolution of Human Society. He also wrote some technical books; Brewing and The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking have become standard texts. The photo comes courtesy of Christine Cryne. Ian signed this much treasured copy for her.