WhatPub Update 43

WhatPub? Update publishes news items collated by Greater London branches, often from information supplied through the ‘Submit Update’ button on WhatPub. We aim to report all openings and closures of places that satisfy the CAMRA definition of a pub (including those selling draught but not real ale); all pubs that add or remove real ale; and changes of name, ownership or beer policy. Readers are encouraged to visit WhatPub? for pub details, and to ‘Submit Update’ when they find incomplete or out-of-date information.
E1, ALDGATE EXCHANGE. Became offices c.2015.
EC1, OLD RED COW (Pubs of Distinction). Pubs of Distinction liquidated. Closed since March 2020. Lease on the market.
N7, CASTLE BAR (Prestige Property Developer Ltd). Planning granted for demolition and redevelopment.
N19, TOURIAN LOUNGE (Tavern Property Co). To become BRENDAN THE NAVIGATOR on reopening. Was the OLD CROWN INN.
NW3, MAGDALA (Mulberry One Capital). Mulberry has signed a 15 year lease with operators Twickenham Green Taverns who already run a number of pubs.
NW6, CORRIB REST. Planning granted Jan 2021 for conversion to educational use.
NW10, GREENES. Closed since the summer of 2019. Planning application to reduce to one unit refused by Brent Council.
SE3, NEW TIGERS HEAD. Converted in spring 2021 to operate as Blackheath Food Centre.
SW3, CHELSEA PIG (Chelsea Pubs). Closed having filed for insolvency in Feb 2020. Was PIG’S EAR and the FRONT PAGE
SW3, SURPRISE (Young/Geronimo). New leaseholder is Jack Greenall, a scion of the Greenall Whitley brewing family.
SW8, MIST ON ROCKS. Planning granted Aug 2020 to convert to coffee shop with flats above and below. Was the PLOUGH INN.
SW10, RILEYS (Tavern Property Co). Tavern Propco has sold on the lease to Call to the Bar Ltd. The sub lease is retained by Market Taverns.
SW12, WOLFGANG’S BEER HAUS. Planning permission granted Jan 2021 for change of use to post office/retail/cafe/hot food serving.
SW20, EDWARD RAYNE (Wetherspoon). Wetherspoon’s has handed the lease back, and the freeholder has sold the property to someone who is not a pub operator. It is understood there is someone interested in taking on a lease, although there are practical obstacles in the way.