National Brewery Centre Archives

The archives at the National Brewery Centre in Burton-on-Trent hold some half a million items illustrating over 250 years of British brewing history. Around 5,000 items are on public display at the Centre, which I would recommend for a visit. Now, many more items have been made available to the public through their recently launched online database. Its creation has been possible thanks to the support of the National Brewery Heritage Trust (NBHT). The NBHT’s chairman, Harry White, explained, “Our aim is accessibility so we’re delighted that we’ve been able to start cataloguing our unique collection of brewing and pub heritage and opening on-line access for people to use for research, education and general interest. We’ve started by digitising many of the more popular items in the collection, such as photos of historic pubs, breweries, brewing equipment, packaging and advertising, but this is a work in progress and more records and images will be added to the catalogue day by day.

The Archive’s collection is still growing. The project has taken two years so far, at a cost of £50,000. The funds have come from a crowdfunding campaign, together with donations from several sources, including CAMRA. You can visit the archive by going here. I would warn you however that it can make for quite addictive viewing.
Tony Hedger