Tribute – Jim Scanlon

Stan Tompkins writes, “Jim Scanlon, who has died aged 77, played a major part in the development of CAMRA, both in London and nationally from the 1970s. Jim joined CAMRA in 1974 and soon became active in the West London branch. He also worked at the ground-breaking beer festival at Covent Garden in 1975. Jim progressed from the West London branch committee to being chairman of the London Liaison Committee and was elected to CAMRA’s National Executive in 1984. He was National Chairman from 1986 to 1988. Jim also served as brewery liaison officer for Fuller’s for many years and was also Parliamentary Liaison Officer. After leaving the National Executive Jim served on the Committee of the CAMRA Members’ Investment Club from 1989 to 2008. Away from CAMRA, Jim was a keen cricket fan and was a member of the MCC from the 1970s. He also enjoyed canal holidays, overseas travel and regular visits to his native County Kerry. On a personal note, I knew Jim for over 50 years and he was a kind, generous friend and a true gentleman.”
Sue Hart adds, “Jim was always a very personable person, very approachable and had a good sense of humour. It is not surprising that he was a very good Parliamentary Liaison Officer, with his ability to converse with people at all levels. He was a good friend to many and will be sorely missed.”