Poetry Corner

Lockdown’ affected us all in different ways. Reader Jeremy Hawkins of East Molesey turned to poetry. Thanks go to Sheila (Mrs Hawkins) who encouraged him to send it in.

Covid-19: A Pub Goers Answer to Last Orders

I wandered lonely as a cloud
Through Molesey East and West
Thought it wouldn’t take long
But how I was wrong
As I searched for a pint of best.

Shut was the Bell
The Europa as well
The Poyntz, the Kings Arms and Mute Swan
The Lamb and the Roebuck?
At both there was no luck
The search went on and on.

Fifty pubs more
My feet were so sore
And still not a real ale in sight
COVID had won
Nothing more to be done
So decided to call it a night.

I trudged slowly back home
Feeling very alone
It was eerily quiet on the roads
And despite my pub book
Wherever I looked
The pubs were still bloomin’ well closed.

It was quarter to twelve back in Molesey
The family had gone up to bed
Then a knock on the door
Which I opened and saw
A bloke, with a wand, who then said.

I know I look hairy
But I am the beer fairy
And I believed every word that he said
For the sight of the day
I’m delighted to say
Was the pint of real ale on his head.

My jaw hit the floor
I could have wished for no more
He smiled and he said with much glee
You can’t beat real beer
It brings unrivalled great cheer
And best of all this one’s on me.

So the moral of this tale
Is don’t give up on real ale
And if you do have a cough
Just be contrary
Believe in the beer fairy
And tell the virus go bugger off!