Ealing Beer Festival

The 2019 Ealing Beer Festival was held between 10 and 13 July in Walpole Park, Ealing. The festival was organised by CAMRA’s West Middlesex branch and was the 30th festival to be held by the branch in central Ealing. It is the branch’s core event. It is also CAMRA’s largest outdoor festival in London.

In a turnaround from last year, when the attendance was affected by England’s progression to the semi-finals of the football World Cup, this year was far more successful. We saw attendance figures reach their second highest level since 2001. In terms of beer sold, we had what could be considered an almost perfect order and still had about 150 different beers to delight those in attendance on the final Saturday. Happily, we managed to sell a large amount of beer on the Saturday and had very little ullage at the end of the festival. Saturday is continuing to grow in terms of attendance and we hope that this is in part due to our ensuring that there is a good beer selection available. We will continue to plan for this in the future.

This year we took on the mantle from London Drinker Beer Festival of hosting the Champion Beer of London competition. Thanks to Christine Cryne for organising the judging panels and to Jon Hart, our wet stock manager for obtaining the necessary beers from the selected breweries to ensure that they could be judged. The results are given on page 32.

For the second year we featured beer in wooden casks, which were the first to sell out. Drinkers are genuinely intrigued by beer being sold from the wood and this is something that we will continue to explore. Our thanks go to SPBW for assisting in selling – and drinking – the beer!

Finally I would like to thank all of the volunteers who assisted us, whether CAMRA or non-CAMRA members. The overwhelming feedback received so far has been positive with regards to the whole event and this is in no small part due to the hard work of the volunteers who gave us their time and skills.
Ben Hart – Ealing Beer Festival Organiser

Editor’s note: the votes for the beer and cider of the festival had not been counted as we went to press and so will be announced in the next edition.